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New Canby Home Sales Information

11 Oct

The latest report on Canby area home sales was just released. The good news continues, as it reveals a strong local housing market.

This report shows the latest monthly average Canby area home price is $287,000. This is significantly higher than the year-to-date average Canby area sale price of $269,300.

Click here for the complete FREE real estate report, with specific information about our Canby market on page 2.

Oregon Real Estate Update

7 Oct

Fun upcoming events and surprising local housing facts are all found in the latest free edition of the Oregon Real Estate Update.

Home Prices
For example, the average home price for the greater Canby area is now up 9.4% to $267,200 over last year. The average Salem area home price is $187,900, up 10.7% over the same period and the average Portland area home price is now $309,200, up 14.1% from last year.

Total Average Market Times
Just as interesting is how long it takes for a house to sell. The total average market time in the Portland metro area is about two months. The average market time around Salem is closer to four months. For the greater Canby area, the average market time is in-between at around 80 days.

Local Fun, Too
Also included are enjoyable, ‘uniquely Oregon’ Autumn activities for the entire family. Find out all the details in this latest free edition of the Oregon Real Estate Update here.

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