A Tale of Two Canbys

8 Feb

The OTHER Canby, 1952

When searching online for information on the City of Canby, make sure you specify which one! While Canby, Minnesota is considered “The Other Canby” by many of us in Oregon, both towns have been in existence for well over 100 years, and they share some additional characteristics:

Both communities are named after Edward Canby, a 19th-century U.S. Army General. Both also host their county’s annual fair.

Canby Oregon History

General R. S. Canby

Interestingly, both Canbys had populations of approximately 2,150 in 1960. Since that time, however, Canby M’s population has dropped while Canby O’s has grown to over 7 times that size! Check out the chart below for a further comparison of the two cities:

                                                            Canby, OR                   Canby, MN

Incorporated:                                                      1893                                  1905

Population:                                                         15,829                               1,795

Median Age:                                                       33 Yrs.                            46.1 Yrs.

Elevation:                                                            153 Ft.                            1,237 Ft.

Area                                                                 3.79 Sq. Mi.                     2.2 Sq. Mi.

Latitude:                                                             45.2661                           44.7100

Time Zone:                                                          Pacific                             Central

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