Canby, Oregon Home Prices Climb

15 Jun

Recent statistics from the Regional Multiple Listing Service known as RMLS reveal greater Canby area home prices are up by 14.6% over the past year, or more than 1% a month. Click on the chart image below to enlarge it.

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Oregon

Increased home prices are likely due to the continued low inventory of available homes for sale. With 3 to 6 months frequently cited as an average inventory range of homes under normal conditions, our current 1.4 months of regional home supply suggests a sustained seller’s market.

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Oregon

    Regional Home Inventory in Months

The average market time to sell a Canby home is approximately 54 days. Interestingly, the total number of sales in the most recent month was actually down by about 4.6%. View the complete report by clicking here.

Canby, Canby Oregon, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Realty

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