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3 Reasons To Sell Your Canby Home Now

2 May

With the arrival of Spring’s beautiful weather, many Canby homeowners have heard someone say: “Now is an excellent time to consider placing your home on the market for sale.”

Canby Oregon

Rural Canby Mt. Hood View

However, you may have wondered why exactly is it considered such a good time for me to sell my property? Is it all about sunny skies? So if you’ve ever thought about selling your Canby home, this article is for you. Here are three reasons to now consider selling your Canby, Oregon home:

Reduced Inventory
There are fewer homes on the market right now. Our 3.1 month supply of homes means demand is stronger. That frequently translates to higher home prices. And with fewer competing sellers, you may need to negotiate less for your best deal.

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Our Housing Inventory Drops During Spring & Summer.

Many home buyers shop in earnest during better weather. Why? It’s easier, more fun and there’s more daylight. But there’s one other reason you may not have considered: School is out soon and that is a great opportunity for families with kids to move during Summer Vacation. Don’t miss out on these buyers!

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Real Estate, Canby Realty

In Oregon, Beautiful Weather Takes Us Outdoors For Recreation And Home Buying!

Interest Rates
One of the big factors affecting home affordability is the interest rate charged by your lender. Interest rates remain near historic lows. This means even with rising prices, buyers can find homes to be more affordable if interest rates stay attractive.

Canby Homes, Canby Realty, Canby Oregon, Canby Real Estate, Canby

They’ve nudged up, yet mortgage interest rates remain attractive.

Thinking about selling your Canby home? Contact our sponsor, Certified Realty using the convenient form below for a FREE report on what your property could sell for in today’s market.

Local Firm Keeps Canby Growing

12 Mar

Canby’s own JV Northwest is receiving notice across the country. That’s because along with their production of stainless steel tanks for pharmaceutical and alternate energy products, JV Northwest also builds high quality brewing systems, including one in faraway Michigan.

Canby Homes

Canby, Oregon’s JV Northwest

Outstanding companies like JV Northwest help to grow Canby’s economic base while providing living wage jobs. This allows more people in our community to purchase Canby homes and invest in our local businesses.  And did you know JV Northwest has federal patents on some of the products they’ve invented

Learn more about this outstanding Canby business here.

Thinking of buying or selling a Canby home? Contact our sponsor, Certified Realty using the convenient contact form below for a FREE report on what your Canby property could sell for in today’s market.

Canby Among Safest Cities

27 Feb

A recent real estate news poll shows Canby is among Oregon’s safest cities.

The online survey includes Oregon cities with more than 10,000 residents. Of all Oregon cities surveyed, Canby is rated #6.

Canby Homes Canby Real Estate Canby Properties Canby Oregon

Canby benefits from a great police department

Read the complete article on Canby, Oregon’s excellent safety ranking here. 

Canby Homes Canby Oregon Canby Real Estate Canby

Canby Police Badge

Thinking about moving to a safer neighborhood?  Contact Certified Realty – Oregon’s choice since 1950 – using the convenient contact form below. They can help you find a wide selection of wonderful Canby homes.

Our Canby Housing Market

19 Feb

According to new housing figures, 24 Canby homes have sold so far this year. Their average number of days on the market was around three months (90 days and 100 days cumulative, if re-listed), with an average selling price of $280,349. 

Canby Homes

Like our ferry, Canby housing is running strong

Examining further, these Canby homes sold for nearly 99% of their most recent list price. The average size of the Canby homes that sold so far this year was 1,810 square feet, which translates to around $156 per square foot. 

This information indicates a strong Canby real estate market. Demand for Canby area properties is high and if you’ve thought about selling, now could be your best opportunity in years.

Canby Homes Canby Oregon

   Canby’s Seal

Thinking about selling your Canby area home? Contact Certified Realty, the only locally-owned real estate firm operated by graduates of Canby schools. Call them today at 503-682-1083 or use the convenient form below for a FREE consultation and to learn what your property is worth in today’s market.

Is Your Realtor Performing These 144 Key Duties?

30 Jan

Think you’re busy? The life of a professional real estate agent is, too. A recent list of vital Realtor tasks itemizes 144 jobs top real estate agents perform when assisting sellers.

Canby Oregon Homes Canby Real Estate

These duties are wide ranging. This particular list is limited to jobs completed by Realtors for seller clients. The great thing is that by working with a professional agent, you needn’t pay extra to get the job done right!

Click here to view the full list of  important Realtor tasks. How many of these vital Realtor duties do you recognize?

Thinking about selling your property? Make sure the job is done professionally and correctly by contacting our Canby Homes sponsor, Certified Realty. Use the convenient contact form below for a FREE consultation on our current real estate market and your options. Certified Realty is Oregon’s choice since 1950!

New Canby Home Sales Information

11 Oct

The latest report on Canby area home sales was just released. The good news continues, as it reveals a strong local housing market.

This report shows the latest monthly average Canby area home price is $287,000. This is significantly higher than the year-to-date average Canby area sale price of $269,300.

Click here for the complete FREE real estate report, with specific information about our Canby market on page 2.

Oregon Real Estate Update

7 Oct

Fun upcoming events and surprising local housing facts are all found in the latest free edition of the Oregon Real Estate Update.

Home Prices
For example, the average home price for the greater Canby area is now up 9.4% to $267,200 over last year. The average Salem area home price is $187,900, up 10.7% over the same period and the average Portland area home price is now $309,200, up 14.1% from last year.

Total Average Market Times
Just as interesting is how long it takes for a house to sell. The total average market time in the Portland metro area is about two months. The average market time around Salem is closer to four months. For the greater Canby area, the average market time is in-between at around 80 days.

Local Fun, Too
Also included are enjoyable, ‘uniquely Oregon’ Autumn activities for the entire family. Find out all the details in this latest free edition of the Oregon Real Estate Update here.

Canby Oregon

Canby Depot Museum

New Canby Housing Figures

23 Aug

Buying or selling a Canby, Oregon property? It’s helpful to first know our local market.

Click here for the latest Canby real estate report.


Canby Rodeo action at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds

Oregon Home Prices Rise

16 Aug

Canby Home & 35+ Acres!

13 Aug

This attractive rural Canby property is ideally suited for horses, farming, or both! Includes a charming 3 bedroom home, plus a shop, barn and is fenced, too.

Located just minutes from Canby’s Fred Meyer shopping center, this property offers an easy commute throughout the greater Portland area.

For more information, please contact Bruce with Certified Realty at 503-682-1083 or via email at today.

Canby acreage horse property

Charming home

Red barn

Red barn

canby oregon real estate

Horse friendly acreage

Canby, Oregon Real Estate Update

8 Apr

According to recent real estate statistics, the median price for a house in Canby is now $249,000.

The average Canby home also takes 208 days to sell. Perhaps most interesting of all, more than 1/4 of Canby homes require a price decrease before selling.

See it all in this new free 1 page report here, or click on the image below.


Canby Housing News

15 Feb

New statistics on Canby area homes were recently released. Did you know the current median list price for Canby homes is $249,950? And that the average time on the market for a Canby home is 254 days?

Contact our sponsor, Certified Realty today for details on buying and selling a Canby, Oregon home. Click here or on the image below for the new free Canby real estate report




Canby Real Estate Update

12 Jan

New information has just been released on Canby, Oregon housing.  For example, the median list price of Canby properties is now $256,950.  Click the link below for more new and interesting information about Canby real estate:

Canby Real Estate Update

Canby Homes

Canby Real Estate Update

26 Nov

A new report on the real estate market for Canby, Oregon has just been released by Ticor Title Company.

Click here to view this update.

For more information about buying or selling a Canby, Oregon home, please contact our sponsor, Certified Realty via phone at 503-682-1083 or by e-mail at: today.

Canby Oregon Real Estate Update

13 Nov

A new report on Canby, Oregon real estate was recently released. Provided by Ticor Title Company, this survey provides some interesting information on home price trends, and much more.  Check it out the new report on Canby area real estate here.

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