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2018 Canby Real Estate Forecast

27 Jan
Canby Oregon

Is a ‘Sea Change’ in Store for Canby Real Estate?

If you’ve been considering the sale of your Canby, Oregon home, 2018 could be the year to do it. That’s because some forecasters sense a possible change in our real estate climate. 

Canby Oregon

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Whether temporary or not, recent multiple listing information appears to suggest that for now, our region may have reached peak price performance.

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Regional Home Price Chart

Canby’s Good News & Bad News
Good news: Our area’s average home price was up last year by 7.2%

Bad news: Canby area home sales changed last year by -11.8%

Naturally, these figures don’t guarantee Canby’s 2018 real estate performance. This year it’s possible prices could rise. It’s also possible prices could fall.

Lock, Stock & Barrel
Buying low and selling high is a good way to ‘lock in’ profit. Added bonuses for now include our current low competing home inventory, plus attractive interest rates.

Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

Low Inventory=Strong Seller’s Market

Better Than Average
What has helped to drive prices up has been a home shortage. An ‘average’ real estate market is frequently cited as having 3 to 6 months of house supply. At that level, neither buyers or sellers dominate. Our most recent regional housing level remains low. At 1.6 months of housing supply, that’s roughly half of what’s considered a low average figure. As a result, our ‘seller’s market’ right now is especially strong. But like the weather, that can change.

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What James Bond Can Teach You About Canby, Oregon Real Estate

7 Mar
Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

With That Suit & Tie, James Bond Resembles A Well-Mannered Realtor

Compared to the life of famed superspy James Bond, buying or selling Canby, Oregon real estate is dull and monotonous, right? Au contraire. You might be surprised to see how such a  comparison actually sizes up.

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Not So Mundane, After All
How could the seemingly routine tasks associated with Canby, Oregon real estate possibly compare to the life and adventures of ultra-suave Agent 007? Initially, it seems like a ridiculous question. Of course Bond’s life is far more treacherous, risky and ‘on the edge,’ right? As we’ll soon learn, not exactly. Buyers and sellers of Canby real estate have a lot more in common with the famous spy than first meets the bullseye.

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

Oregon Real Estate is More Daring Than You Might Think

Deceptively Daring
Many actors have played Agent 007 in film, yet each brings to the Bond character their own unique imprint on the multi-faceted Bond persona. But while each person playing 007 is unique, in each iteration of the well-known agent we recognize Bond’s uncanny ability to ‘land on his feet’ and ‘avoid being bested,’ while inching (or sometimes speeding) toward his well-defined goal. Let’s examine some of the super spy’s cinematic character traits and how they might relate to your next Canby real estate transaction.

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

Spies & Realtors Both Use Photography to Their Advantage

Turning The Tables
To a Canby homebuyer or homeseller, ‘landing on your feet’ might not equate to jumping from a high rise building. Instead, it might mean effectively dealing with endless surprises…like a low appraisal, or poor home inspection.  It’s helpful to understand that one of Bond’s classic techniques is to shift bad odds to his advantage. Your way to ‘avoid being bested’ may not mean beating the tables at Monte Carlo like James Bond. Instead, it might be skillfully negotiating the terms of your Oregon home transaction. And to a Canby homebuyer or homeseller, Agent 007’s ‘inching to his goal’ could simply mean patiently completing key tasks in order to close the sale. It’s nice to know that unlike the production of a Bond film, Canby homebuyers and homesellers typically complete their ‘mission’ substantially under budget and in a relatively short time span, with no loss of life or limb. This makes you arguably ‘better than Bond.’

Diamonds Are Forever…And So Is Real Estate
Here are some factors that make the so-called ‘average’ Canby, Oregon homeseller or homebuyer more daring than even Agent 007. 

Agent 007 is frequently seen as daring and a tremendous risk taker. But while it’s true some of Bond’s actions are potentially perilous, it’s helpful to realize that his risks tend to be thoughtfully calculated. 007 is usually well-armed, whether that means carrying his Walther PPK, or preparing mentally for the task at hand. If he’s without a gun, James Bond is able to adapt and improvise, like using a fire extinguisher in the middle of a firefight to provide cover and escape.

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

You Don’t Need A Gun to Effectively Buy or Sell Canby Real Estate

Charmingly Disarming
But if James Bond gets into a ‘jam’,  he usually has his trusty sidearm to help take care of business. Yet using a small caliber handgun to get your way is not an option for Canby homebuyers and homesellers. As a result, your options are limited to less obviously coercive means than Agent 007 can wield. Requiring the use of ‘wits, not weapons’ takes certain things off the table for you, since Oregon real estate demands non-lethal resourcefulness. By having to use safer and more creative methods of persuasion, it’s fair to say that once again, the average Canby homeseller or homebuyer is arguably ‘better than Bond.’

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

Effectively Managing Risk Can Pay Off Handsomely

Casino Royale
For an example of Bond’s risk reduction techniques, have you ever seen Agent 007 gamble great sums of his own money on a dice throw? The usual answer is ‘Not a chance.’ That’s because Bond virtually always plays with his government’s money, not his own. Yet you, as a Canby homebuyer or homeseller, are laying your very own hard-earned capital on the table.  So once more, in comparison you can arguably be seen as ‘better than Bond.’

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

Even Agent 007 Might Find Oregon Real Estate Challenging

Canby, Oregon Real Estate Tip #1 From James Bond: Maintain Your Humor
A superspy like Agent 007 doesn’t  constantly walk around like a tough guy. It’s actually quite the opposite.  Bond knows how to work a room and deliver a well timed joke. ‘Breaking the ice’ to disarm and/or relax the other side with a joke takes some guts…especially when someone means you financial or physical harm.

Savoir-faire is a French term that roughly means: knowing what to do in any situation. Those with savoir-faire respond appropriately in a wide variety of circumstances. One dictionary reference suggests savoir-faire as demonstrating “a polished sureness in social behavior.” In other words, classic James Bond behavior, whether it’s disarming a bad guy, nuclear device, or flawlessly ordering the best item off a French menu.

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Homes

Ordering in French is an Acquirable Skill

Savoir-faire can be adapted to Canby real estate, where a wide variety of ‘tough to predict’ situations occur with surprising frequency.  For sellers, this could mean having a buyer’s loan fail, possibly due to buyer disqualification like a credit score drop, or job change. Or perhaps your home needs a new roof and there simply isn’t sufficient equity to pay for it. Or there’s rampant dry rot. Or severe mold. You get the idea.

How 007’s Savoir-faire Can Work for Canby Homebuyers and Homesellers
A prepared and practical approach to problem solving is what both James Bond and successful Canby, Oregon homebuyers and homesellers bring to the table.  Agent 007 is able to adapt and navigate in almost any environment, whether he finds himself in a high-stakes casino in Monaco, a posh ski lodge in the Swiss Alps, or a poor fishing village in Asia, Bond knows what to do. When buying and selling Canby real estate, you can adapt and navigate in different environments, too, including such changing factors as housing inventory (which can indicate if you’re in a buyer’s or seller’s market) and fluctuating interest rates.

Just realize that no matter how things appear, some factors and outcomes are not completely determinable and sometimes virtually unknowable. For example, let’s say you’re selling your Canby home and have three offers on the table to consider. In this scenario, let’s suppose all buyers appear well-qualified and each offer is very similar to the others. Which one do you decide to accept? Which will actually close? Which buyer will be reasonable to work with? Which lender will have even-handed underwriting and not require needless delay or costs?  Working with your Realtor, you can reduce risk, perhaps by focusing on how much each buyer is willing to pay, their down payment (where a larger down payment makes it easier for them to get a loan) and even the earnest money deposit and time to your closing date. Such an analysis can help boil things down to those that might make the most difference.

Oregon Real Estate

Canby, Oregon Real Estate Tip #2 From James Bond: Always Have a Backup Plan
The key is to limit your downside risk by making the best decision possible under the circumstances and remain alert. For example, if after accepting one offer on your Canby home, the buyers begin loudly complaining about minor issues, have your Realtor stay in touch with other prospective buyers who expressed interest. That way, you keep the door open for a ‘Plan B’ and later, possibly a ‘Plan C’ if initial buyers bail on your home sale.

Canby Oregon, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate

James Bond Defines Debonair

Agent 007 is often described as debonair. How can that term possibly apply to your next Canby real estate transaction? There are varied definitions to the term debonair, but related terms include courtesy, graciousness and having a sophisticated charm. These traits can be powerful and disarming when dealing with the other side on a home sale. An example of courtesy might mean allowing buyers to schedule a tour before closing for measuring room dimensions or determining paint colors. Being gracious could mean as a buyer you allow the home sellers an extra day to move out, particularly if their moving van broke down. Sophisticated charm might mean leaving a box of chocolates or champagne after you sell a home for when your homebuyers finally move in.

Small details perhaps, but such activities are often long remembered. If after moving out, you remember leaving priceless heirlooms in the attic of your former home, imagine how much nicer it will be to request the return of your precious items from the current owners with whom you’ve been civil and friendly. They are also more likely to even contact you if they find something you mistakenly left behind.

Canby Oregon, Canby Homes, Canby Oregon Real Estate

Canby, Oregon Real Estate Tip #3 From James Bond: Secrecy
There’s good reason undercover agents are also known as secret agents. ‘Don’t let them see you sweat’ is an adage Agent 007 works with aplomb. So you don’t want to lose out on your home purchase and are willing to substantially increase your offer, yet don’t want to overpay? Keep those cards discreetly close to your vest and understand that by doing so, you’re modeling James Bond, who can definitely keep a secret. He’s a spy, after all. 

Though James Bond can swagger with the best of those who hold the ’00’ license to kill designation, he’s usually discrete and avoids attention or bragging about his prowess.  Such meekness is supremely beneficial in situations to disarm adversaries, while catching them off guard.  Agent 007 doesn’t often talk about how many people he’s put in the hospital, or his annual income. Simply by observing him, it’s clear Bond has gravitas.

Having courage when buying or selling Canby property doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear. It does involve pushing that fear aside to rise above whatever obstacle you are facing. Agent 007 pushes himself out of his comfort zone to face serious fears on a daily basis. This gets him used to feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable. As a Canby, Oregon homeseller or homebuyer, once you desensitize yourself to fear, it will become easier to perform courageous acts, like counteroffering that offer you really don’t want to risk losing, or agreeing to substantial repairs in order to pass a home re-inspection and close the deal.

Be Patient
In the middle of a real estate transaction, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. To be successful, it helps to have a well defined plan executed with patience. You also should allow sufficient time for your plan to work. For example, if you’re a Canby homeseller who doesn’t receive an offer in the first few days on the market, understand that if you’ve already examined the latest market data and the average market time is measured in months and not days or even weeks, realize your anxiety may be premature. Keep cool.

Canby Oregon, Canby Homes, Canby Oregon Real Estate

‘Q’ Is On Bond’s Team to Keep Him Out of Trouble

Consult An Expert
When buying or selling Canby real estate, it doesn’t hurt to have an experienced Realtor as your own ‘Q’ to keep you out of difficult situations. An experienced real estate broker is someone who has been ‘over the road,’ thereby saving you needless expense, time and worry.

Canby Oregon, Canby Real Estate, Canby Oregon Homes

So rather than having Bond’s sidekick ‘Q’ demonstrating gadgetry and armory (like a blowtorch on Bond’s Aston-Martin convertible), Canby residents can rely on the calm, cool and collected experience of a proven local Realtor to more successfully navigate pitfalls sometimes found in regional real estate. 

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Why Canby, Oregon Homesellers Hire A Realtor

14 Jan

There are many good reasons why Canby homesellers hire a Realtor, including the handful who first try the ‘for sale by owner’ or ‘FSBO’ route. Here are ten of the most common reasons why Canby, Oregon homesellers hire a Realtor to get the job done right. 

Hear the audio podcast version of this presentation by clicking here or the link above.

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

Selling Your Own Canby Home? Prepare Yourself for Wearing Many Hats.

1. Selling Your Home ‘By Owner’ Means Taking on a Second Job.
Most homesellers are busy. So before attempting to sell property on your own, first ask yourself if you’re prepared to wear some extra hats. That’s because in addition to (1). preparing your property for market and (2). finding a replacement dwelling, along with (3). the task of actually moving, selling your home involves (4). abundant planning, (5). serious paperwork, (6). negotiation skills, (7). accurate scheduling, (8). diligent research, (9). considerable legwork (if done right) and (10). a lot of just plain toil. Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

2. Legalese, Sometimes with Different Rules for Each County and/or Municipality.
Realtors use continually-updated forms written by experienced real estate attorneys designed specifically for regional transactions, with clarity and simplicity in mind. Such documents include important protections for both buyer and seller. While no document is perfect, Realtor forms include key clauses, like for home inspections and appraisals, along with arbitration/mediation mechanisms. These time-tested documents help prevent potential issues, while at the same time deterring ‘nuisance’ litigation.

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

3. More Accurate Pricing When Buying & Selling.
These days the average Canby resident moves about every 6 years years or so. As with any activity, it’s easy to get rusty. Realtors are in the real estate market all day, every day. This means an experienced real estate agent can provide significant market awareness to help you price what’s likely to be your single largest investment.

Armed with access to multiple listing, sales and tax data, Realtors provide significant pricing experience and real life insights, whether you want to know what the property you’re selling is worth, or once you sell, how much to offer on the home you’re buying.

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby4. Objectivity.
We all deal with subjectivity from time to time. Does your home smell? Perhaps you’ve gotten used to having multiple pets in your small home, don’t notice the mold growing in your bathroom, or haven’t realized how gloomy your living room appears. One role of a Realtor is to be helpfully honest. That means being truthful if there’s something you as a seller don’t see (or smell). 

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

Most Homesellers Don’t Like A Rapidly Exiting ‘Conga Line’ of Mum Buyers

Far better to be forewarned and forearmed by your Realtor, than witness a rapidly exiting conga line of mum homebuyers who don’t want to offend you. Or perhaps you don’t think disclosing settling water in your basement each Winter is a big deal. The reality is that disclosing such a potentially material fact is something dutiful agents will advise in order to keep you out of much hotter water after the sale. 

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

5. Junk the Junk.
Have you ever studied a real estate earnest money agreement (also called an EMA or purchase agreement), or seller’s ‘net sheet?’ Over the course of a transaction, it’s easy to accumulate an abundance of ‘junk’ fees. Sometimes seller-paid closing costs are necessary to make a transaction work. However, paying for a buyer’s home warranty is typically more of a buyer ‘want’ than a ‘need.’ Count on your Realtor to go over such factors with you for a ‘heads up’ of what to expect. An experienced agent knows what’s usually ‘routine’ and what’s not.

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

6. Marketing.
Even if a Canby homeseller has a sense of what his or her home is worth, effectively reaching the the widest number of buyers increases your opportunity to find more motivated and qualified buyers, even creating a ‘bidding war.’ The simple act of listing your home with a Realtor means your property is immediately promoted on a host of proven, effective home marketing venues. But it doesn’t stop there. Successful Realtors use many different tools to reach buyers for your specific property.

Connecting your property with the right buyer can mean the difference between a fast close at full price (or higher), compared to a continuous stream of ‘sale-fails’ where your property is needlessly taken off the market by buyers who were marginally qualified. 

7. Experience.
There is simply no substitute for ‘hands on’ real estate experience. If your Canby home hasn’t sold, at what point should you consider a price adjustment? How much of a price adjustment is necessary? Is there something other than price causing my property not to sell? These are not new questions to an experienced agent, who can help address these and other important questions.

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

When it Matters, Experience is Good to Have on Your Side.

It’s comforting in especially difficult situations to rely on an experienced Realtor, who is the duly able real estate ‘captain’ of your transaction. Most people prefer an experienced surgeon or pilot, so it’s understandable to want experienced representation with the important task of selling your home. It’s also helpful to know that a professional real estate agent makes the entire home selling process appear easier than it is.

8. Negotiation Skills.
If you’re like most people, you dread negotiating when buying a car. Consider how much higher the stakes are with your home sale. You want an experienced hand on your side. 
While real estate transactions are optimally a ‘win-win’ situation, it’s realistic to expect some friction. If you haven’t considered homeselling as a kind of ‘war,’ check out this unique perspective on the ‘battle’ of selling your home. 

The best way to navigate through a potentially difficult transaction is to be represented by someone who has been over the road before. So whether you’re in negotiations with a ‘bargain hunting’ buyer, experience an unpleasant ‘surprise’ in a home inspection, or a seriously low appraisal, each unique situation presents an opportunity for difficulty and reaching common ground. Your Realtor can assist in ‘end gaming’ your best strategies and in dealing with a wide variety of buyer personalities.

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

Having a Realtor ‘Buffer’ Between Buyer & Seller Can Avoid Headaches

9. The ‘Buffer Effect.’
Having an agent represent you makes it easier to maintain civility between ‘warring’ parties.  If you don’t consider homeselling as a battle, then see our prior article and podcast titled ‘The Art of War for Homesellers.’ Ever say something you regret? An experienced Realtor can often use more constructive language to accomplish what can sometimes be an emotional and/or provocative comment.

Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Property, 97013, Real Estate Canby

Hiring A Realtor Makes Sellers More Money: Click above image to enlarge

10. More Money.
National Association of Realtor statistics reveal that homesellers who use a Realtor actually net considerably more at closing than those who don’t, even after taking into account paying a commission. Consider that when banks (which are renowned for watching the ‘bottom line’) sell their foreclosed homes, they hire an expert, a Realtor. From a financial standpoint, it really does ‘pencil out’ to hire a Realtor. 

Canby, Canby Oregon, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Realty

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Canby, Oregon Home Prices Climb

15 Jun

Recent statistics from the Regional Multiple Listing Service known as RMLS reveal greater Canby area home prices are up by 14.6% over the past year, or more than 1% a month. Click on the chart image below to enlarge it.

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Oregon

Increased home prices are likely due to the continued low inventory of available homes for sale. With 3 to 6 months frequently cited as an average inventory range of homes under normal conditions, our current 1.4 months of regional home supply suggests a sustained seller’s market.

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Oregon

    Regional Home Inventory in Months

The average market time to sell a Canby home is approximately 54 days. Interestingly, the total number of sales in the most recent month was actually down by about 4.6%. View the complete report by clicking here.

Canby, Canby Oregon, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Realty

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Canby Real Estate: What’s Ahead In 2015

31 Dec

Predictions on Canby’s real estate market are difficult to make with accuracy. Consider local weather forecasts. Even when armed with technology like detailed satellite images, plus wind, barometric and temperature data, weather forecasters can get it wrong…and that’s for predictions merely a week or two away! 

Canby Homes, Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Housing, 2015 Canby, Canby 2015, Canby Property

Accurately Predicting Weather & Real Estate Trends Seems Easy

Predicting Canby’s Real Estate Trends
Now imagine the difficulty in predicting real estate market activity a full year into the future. Along with seasonal influences, other challenges in real estate forecasting include changing interest and employment rates, ever-shifting home inventory levels, plus a myriad of lending regulations and the mysteries of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, just to name a few.  Little wonder, then that some view real estate predictions as akin to flipping a coin or using a dart board.

Canby Homes, Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Housing, 2015 Canby, Canby 2015, Canby Property

Although Fun, Darts Are Are A Poor Method For Accurate Real Estate Forecasting

Real Estate Forecasting: What Can Work
While not foolproof, one generally helpful tool for predicting future real estate trends can be past real estate trends. Major unpredictable shifts occasionally occur, but the key word here is occasionally.

For example, the Great Recession that hit Canby and the entire country starting around 2007-2008 was our nation’s worst economic downturn since 1929.  Thankfully we haven’t seen such financial meltdowns every year, or every decade, or even every half century. So aside from similar cataclysmic shifts, a certain degree of real estate predictability is possible. 

Canby Homes, Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Housing, 2015 Canby, Canby 2015, Canby Property

Regional Home Price Chart Including Clackamas County

Reasons For 2015 Canby Real Estate Optimism
Several factors are coming together to provide for an optimistic New Year in our area. As you’ll see, some factors are under federal control and others occur locally, but each has an impact on Canby real estate. So if you’ve held off selling your Canby area home, here are four of them that portend a good 2015: 

1. Credit Scores Loosen
Most homebuyers need a home loan, generally known as a mortgage. The good news is that mortgage credit is becoming more available as lenders loosen credit requirements.

Canby Homes, Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Housing, 2015 Canby, Canby 2015, Canby Property

Credit (FICO) Requirements Have Loosened

2. Lower Down Payments
Government-sponsored loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently brought out a 3% mortgage option. If conventional lenders also start offering similar low-down payment choices, this could bring more first time homebuyers into the market. This vital Oregon buyer group has long been under-represented, with their levels at the lowest since 1987.

3. Consumer Optimism
Recent figures from the National Association of Realtors confirm homebuyers are now more optimistic. This includes our area. When it comes to single family homes, the ‘Confidence Index’ chart below shows most states now have a majority level of optimism in their region, including ours.

Canby Homes, Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Housing, 2015 Canby, Canby 2015, Canby Property

Orange & Red = Strong Single Family Home Consumer Confidence

4. Home Inventory Remains Low
Thanks in part to the reduced level of local new construction, home inventory in our region is still near historic lows. Our most recent survey shows we have 3.2 months of housing backlog. This suggests we have more buyers than sellers. As a result, Canby homesellers can take advantage of what remains largely a ‘seller’s market’ heading into 2015. 

Canby Homes, Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Housing, 2015 Canby, Canby 2015, Canby Property

Our Regional Home Supply Is Low

The Bottom Line
If you’ve held off selling your Canby home because you were ‘under water,’ or concerned about the market being too low, now is a good time to consider re-evaluating.

Canby Homes, Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Housing, 2015 Canby, Canby 2015, Canby Property

Many Canby Homeowners Are No Longer ‘Under Water’

Canby’s real estate market has changed. Experts predict regional home price growth to continue at a steady, albeit slower pace through 2015, compared to the 7.2% price increase to date for 2014. As a result, some suggest a 3% annual increase in area home prices. Depending on a variety of factors, that may indeed end up being conservative on the low end. For Canby, expect between 3% to 6% in 2015 home price appreciation.

Big Changes Coming To Downtown Canby

21 Nov
Canby Oregon, Canby, 97013, Canby Homes, Canby Homes For Sale, Canby Oregon Real Estate, Canby Oregon Properties, Canby Properties, Canby Realty

One of the Canby, Oregon buildings reportedly for sale

The Portland Business Journal recently reported on some significant upcoming real estate changes about to occur in Canby. Here’s the report, courtesy of the Portland Business Journal:

“Developers interested in redefining an entire downtown might want to check out what’s on the market in Canby.

Thanks to an impending consolidation of city offices into a new civic building and library, the city, a few miles south of Portland, is selling five of its downtown buildings and up to one full city block. The properties are all in the city’s downtown core between First and Third avenues on Holly and Ivy streets.

The buildings to be sold include the existing library, the development services building, the finance building and the former police headquarters. They range in size from around 2,000 square feet to about 10,000 square feet.

Renate Mengelberg, economic development director for the city, said the city does not have a firm asking price for the properties because it wants to encourage a wide array of development proposals.

“We are willing to be flexible and really want to encourage creative proposals,” she said, adding that the new civic building will be completed in 2016.

The city has issued a Request for Expressions of Interest to spur development ideas. An open house and tours of the properties will be held on Nov. 19. Proposals will be due Jan. 9, 2015.

The city is looking for ideas for one or more of the properties from local businesses looking for space or developers who might be interested in a project of a bigger scale. Officials will also be looking for proven development teams with solid financial resources. That said, the city is also open to assisting through its façade improvement program and a revolving loan program that provides loans of up to $250,000.

In addition, the city of Canby has applied for a vertical housing program that would provide a 10-year property tax abatement of second- to fourth-story residential development over retail. It expects to gain approval for the zone by the end of this year.”

Why Use A Realtor, In 30 Seconds

3 Oct

A very telling article was recently released in a national real estate journal. In just two images, it explains why the vast majority of homesellers work with a Realtor.


Click on Image to Enlarge

The infographic on the left shows the huge percentage of homesellers who hire a Realtor.

The infographic on the right shows why. Homesellers average a 25% higher selling price with a Realtor.

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Canby Real Estate Market Update

25 Sep

A new report on our Canby, Oregon real estate market was just released.


Click image to view this new Canby homes report

This new report confirms strong prices are still being commanded for Canby homes. However, over the past week, the average market time to sell a Canby home has bumped up a bit, from 135 to 144 days.

Prices also dipped a bit from a median list price of $324,200 to $319,900.  View the complete report on Canby real estate here, or click on the above image.

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Oregon Canby

‘Canby Dahlias’  Courtesy of artist Brenda Boylan. Learn more at

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3 Reasons To Sell Your Canby Home Now

2 May

With the arrival of Spring’s beautiful weather, many Canby homeowners have heard someone say: “Now is an excellent time to consider placing your home on the market for sale.”

Canby Oregon

Rural Canby Mt. Hood View

However, you may have wondered why exactly is it considered such a good time for me to sell my property? Is it all about sunny skies? So if you’ve ever thought about selling your Canby home, this article is for you. Here are three reasons to now consider selling your Canby, Oregon home:

Reduced Inventory
There are fewer homes on the market right now. Our 3.1 month supply of homes means demand is stronger. That frequently translates to higher home prices. And with fewer competing sellers, you may need to negotiate less for your best deal.

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Our Housing Inventory Drops During Spring & Summer.

Many home buyers shop in earnest during better weather. Why? It’s easier, more fun and there’s more daylight. But there’s one other reason you may not have considered: School is out soon and that is a great opportunity for families with kids to move during Summer Vacation. Don’t miss out on these buyers!

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Real Estate, Canby Realty

In Oregon, Beautiful Weather Takes Us Outdoors For Recreation And Home Buying!

Interest Rates
One of the big factors affecting home affordability is the interest rate charged by your lender. Interest rates remain near historic lows. This means even with rising prices, buyers can find homes to be more affordable if interest rates stay attractive.

Canby Homes, Canby Realty, Canby Oregon, Canby Real Estate, Canby

They’ve nudged up, yet mortgage interest rates remain attractive.

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Canby: Fairest of Them All

17 Mar

Local residents know Canby as a great place to live. Folks from out of town know Canby as the host to one of Oregon’s most popular annual events, the Clackamas County Fair.  Originally established in Gladstone, the fair soon moved to Canby and has been a summer attraction for well over 100 years now!

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Early Days of the Clackamas County Fair

Long-time attendees have witnessed the fair’s expansion and improvements, especially in recent years.  In fact, upgrades are currently planned for one livestock building on the Clackamas County Fairgrounds.

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Structural Upgrades Are Planned For This Livestock Building – Pamplin Media Photo

From the national-caliber rodeo to its impressive livestock exhibits and vast array of performers and entertainers, the Clackamas County Fair is an attractive option for people of all ages and interests.  Don’t miss this year’s event, running from August 12th – 17th. For more information, go to

Canby Homes

The Clackamas County Fair is lots of fun for everyone!

Local Firm Keeps Canby Growing

12 Mar

Canby’s own JV Northwest is receiving notice across the country. That’s because along with their production of stainless steel tanks for pharmaceutical and alternate energy products, JV Northwest also builds high quality brewing systems, including one in faraway Michigan.

Canby Homes

Canby, Oregon’s JV Northwest

Outstanding companies like JV Northwest help to grow Canby’s economic base while providing living wage jobs. This allows more people in our community to purchase Canby homes and invest in our local businesses.  And did you know JV Northwest has federal patents on some of the products they’ve invented

Learn more about this outstanding Canby business here.

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