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Canby: A ‘Safest City’

10 Jun Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties

A recent report on Oregon cities shows Canby among our top two safest mid-sized cities.

Canby Oregon, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Realty

ValuePenguin.com publishes an annual ‘safe cities’ report. For populations between 9,000 and 20,000 residents, Canby, Oregon is the #2 safest city in Oregon and #13 across all populations statewide. 

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties

Along with other important livability factors like good schools, well-maintained roads and shopping options, safety is a vital element to maintain desirable communities. An added bonus for homeowners is solid property values. 

Canby Oregon, Canby, Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties

View the ValuePenguin.com Oregon cities safety report here and click here for a local news article about this story.

Website Keeps Canby Homeowners Safer

8 Oct

Few things are as important to Canby residents as personal safety. So wouldn’t it be neat if you could type in a local address to determine crime statistics and also find out if a sex offender lives nearby, for free?

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Homes For Sale, Canby Homeseller, Canby Oregon, Canby Safety, Canby Crime, Canby Police

You too can help combat Canby crime!

Well believe it or not, there is such a website and it’s called PortlandMaps.com.

Canby Homes, Canby Homes For Sale, Canby Oregon, Canby Realty, Canby Oregon Real Estate, Canby Properties

Perhaps best of all, the information you’ll find at PortlandMaps.com is not limited to Portland, but includes much of the greater Portland Metro area…including Canby.

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Oregon Real Estate,Canby Homes For Sale, Canby Real Estate, Canby Oregon Real Estate, Canby Oregon Crime, Canby Crime Statistics

Most Canby Residents Would Want To Know If Any Of These Jokers Lived Nearby

Along with local crime information, the website PortlandMaps.com offers much more. This includes maps (of course), plus transportation information, along with environmental reports and transportation projects. 

Here’s a list of some information PortlandMaps.com provides within the greater Portland Metro area, including Canby:

  • Assessor/Tax Lot Information
  • Aerial Photography
  • Building Footprints
  • Building Permits
  • Census
  • Crime Data
  • Elevation
  • Parks
  • Mass Transit
  • Natural Hazard
  • Schools
  • Urban Growth Boundary
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Water/Sewer
  • Zip Code
  • Zoning Maps

Can’t wait to get started? Then click here!

Canby Among Oregon’s Safest Cities

15 Sep

A recent survey confirms something Canby, Oregon residents already know: Canby is a pretty safe place to live.

Canby Homes, Canby Real Estate, Canby Properties, Canby Oregon

Canby is a safe place to live

Here’s the description from that recent survey:

Canby, Oregon is south of Portland on the northwest side of the state. Nicknamed “Oregon’s Garden Spot” it is bordered on 3 sides by rivers and is located in the Willamette Valley. Because the city is within a reasonable drive to the city, it gives residents the convenience of proximity to the city while being able to embrace a much smaller town life.

The town is actively offering incentives to businesses to attract them to the area. The Neighborhood Association and the efforts of the town police have delivered the desired results – crime rates low enough to qualify for the top 10 safest cities in the state.

To see which other Oregon cities made the list, view the entire report here.


Canby Among Safest Cities

27 Feb

A recent real estate news poll shows Canby is among Oregon’s safest cities.

The online survey includes Oregon cities with more than 10,000 residents. Of all Oregon cities surveyed, Canby is rated #6.

Canby Homes Canby Real Estate Canby Properties Canby Oregon

Canby benefits from a great police department

Read the complete article on Canby, Oregon’s excellent safety ranking here. 

Canby Homes Canby Oregon Canby Real Estate Canby

Canby Police Badge

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